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Privacy Statement

The following Privacy Statement has been developed to assist you to understand what personal information is collected and stored on this electronic database. Housing support agencies that are authorized by the County of Simcoe as application users of this electronic database are committed to serve you in a manner that respects your privacy. This electronic database is owned, licensed, managed and supported by the County of Simcoe. Only housing support agencies that have a Service Agreement with the County of Simcoe have user rights allowing for certain types of information to be gathered and entered into this database.

It is important to note when entering this website we may use cookies, which are data files that are stored on your computer. These cookies contain information that records each time you visits a website. As well these data files record how you (the users) are interacting with the website including the frequently you are returning. Cookies cannot be read by other servers nor are they shared with any third parties.

Intended Users


Potential landlords that would like to list available rental units on this website may register their information so that an in-take screening call-back can be returned from a housing support agency staff member who will solicit additional rental information. Final approval of landlord listings will be approved and authorized by a housing support agency staff member and will be posted on this website for the public to view. Landlords that register with this website specifically consent to the collection, storage, transfer and use of personal data that is gathered for the purposes of their listing.

Additional landlord listings posted to this website may be gathered from local area newspaper classified listings and sources. If at anytime a landlord would like to remove their rental posting information from the public viewing search of this website they can do so by contacting:

Georgian Triangle Residential Resource Centre
275 First Street
Collingwood, Ontario
Phone (705) 445-0643


Any member of the general public can access this website to search for current rental availability that has been authorized and listed by a housing support agency staff member. You do not have to provide personal information to use the publicly accessible portions of this website. The majority of rental listings on this database are located within Simcoe County and you assume your own risk and remain responsible when contacting and entering into a rental agreement with landlords.

Clients of Housing Support Agencies

Individuals, families or household members that usually make contact with a housing support agency worker are most likely experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless and require immediate assistance to secure temporary or permanent housing. If you make an appointment with a housing support agency worker you will be asked to provide the agency with specific personal information such as your name, date of birth, contact information including current place of residence, and the nature of your housing situation. An electronic client record of your information at this time will be created and stored on a password protected secured server using this database platform. The personal information collected by housing support agency staff is kept strictly confidential and is only used, exchanged and retained for the purposes of assisting you. County of Simcoe authorized staff will have access to your specific client record information and will not disclose your non-aggregated personal information to any third parties without your prior permission unless required by law to do so. For further details on how we handle your personal information, please see the County of Simcoe’s Privacy Policy at

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